Get to know your client. Specify their need, set project frames and challenge yourself within them.

This enables iiro muttilainen’s client to have personalized approach to each project and therefore the final image is crafted for their needs.


Personalized approach and genuine interest for understanding image as part of the bigger picture allows to think outside of the box and also react to unexpected changes throughout the project and co-operation. Deep understanding of lens based media both technically and fundamentally and high level of postproduction is to back up creative process and problem solving.


Main focus is in commercial lifestyle, art direction and especially image concept development not to forget keeping work inspiring and fun.


Active youth, friends, different sports, playing guitar and taking photos filled my days. Moving to Lapland for sport high school enabled snowboarding every day phases. By the end of high school photography started to took more of my time. Growing interest lead me working as photography assistant in commercial field.


Photography took me to England. While studying BA in Photography I worked in London based Hempstead May Retouching. Company specialized in commercial fashion retouching taught how things are done when highest quality is demand. 2011, few months after moving back to Finland iiro muttilainen photography was established. Since I have smiled on my way to work and felt privileged being able to do what I enjoy.


Passioned about what you do and interested in creative collaboration.

Simply tell me about your project. Get me interested and I will be pouring petrol to your fire rather than trying to quench your flame.



Helsinki based iiro muttilainen photography’s clients – whether big or small companies – shares the values of high quality and friendly work flow.


As a client of iiro muttilainen you won’t buy a photo.

You will commission professional to work for and with you in image related project with high quality photographic result as final goal.